Why Buy a Toyota?

2017 Toyota

Why Buy a Toyota

Its an exciting time for us here at Hendrick Toyota of Merriam with all of the new 2017 models rolling into our showroom. If you are looking for a new vehicle this is the prime time to do it with great prices on the 2016 models and first dibs at the brand new 2017 models. Making such a big purchase takes a lot of time and consideration and can be a bit overwhelming. But when it comes to buying a new car nothing can ease your mind like the confidence of knowing that you just bought a Toyota. So why buy a Toyota before you even look anywhere else? First and foremost buying a car is a HUGE investment so knowing that your car will last a long time and be reliable is super important. JD Powers rank Toyota vehicles highest in reliability numbers with a 5/5 for overall quality of the brand. Doesn’t get much better than that!

 Toyota Lineup

Cars are known for ‘losing value’ the moment you drive them off the lot. Well let Toyota's high resale value ease your mind and your pocket. Kelley Blue Book ranks Toyota HIGHEST in resale value. With over 80% of Toyota's sold in the last 20 years still on the road today, your Toyota new or used is bound to last you a long time and still be valuable when you are ready to sell and upgrade. With incredible relibaility, dependability and resale value Toyota quickly becomes a front runner among other car brands. Looking for a truck, hybrid, minivan, sedan, hatchback, sports car, SUV--Toyota had the perfect model for you!

Not Sold yet? That’s fine, trust your fellow consumer. The Toyota Corolla has been named the most sold nameplate of all time only after the Toyota Land Cruiser this year on its 50th birthday. The Toyota Camry is America’s best-selling car and top-selling sedan in the midsize segment. The Prius is the most well known, best-selling hybrid vehicle. Seeing a trend? Us too. Come by Hendrick Toyota of Merriam to see what all the hype is about for yourself. Your new vehicle is waiting for you here.


Source: Toyota