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Excellent Service Technicians
I personally want to thank Service Technician Blaine. Blaine is very courteous with great communication. Your Service Department has convinced me to buy my 6th Toyota from Hendricks Toyota.
Feb 27 2019
Reviewed by Claude Kohl
Great Job!!
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I leased a 2019 RAV4 recently from Hendrick Toyota. I worked with several people during the process, but mostly with Charles Ernesti and Thien. They both were great. They are such nice and helpful young men. Thien was the first person that I spoke with at the dealership. Thien was never high pressure - he just showed us the cars and answered our questions. Thien continues to call us and make sure everything is OK with the car and to see if we have any questions. At one point later we met Charles. He sat down with us and entered our info into the computer. He seemed very knowledgeable and I was surprised to find out later that he had only been working at the dealership for a week or two. Charles was always available to us over the next few days as we called in with questions, etc. He is mature beyond his years and we really enjoyed meeting him and working with him.
Jan 31 2019
Reviewed by Bradley Cates
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First, I never leave reviews, but this deserves it. I’ve raised six kids and have bought many cars for our family, but this is the first time I’ve walked away thinking there is such thing as an honest car dealership. It’s not that dealerships shouldn’t make money, it’s just that some are very adept at exploiting their community (listen up Wichita). I’ve always given local dealers a chance, but I’m the type that does my homework/research and I know what the numbers are – so do they. I have no problem driving a few hours to save thousands of dollars, but it was a complete surprise when the dealership started out at a fair and reasonable price point for both my trade and buy – no BS. Sure, we negotiated a little, but from the beginning, Hendrick was completely legitimate, fair, and professional. If that’s not enough, towards the end of negotiations I was offered a $900 add-on, but then failed to mention it or check for it during the paperwork-signing phase. I signed and walked away. I didn’t catch MY MISTAKE until a week later. Hendrick Toyota did not hesitate to do the honest thing – they sent me a check the next day! PS Love my 2018 Tacoma!
Sep 11 2018
Reviewed by Mark Tillison
Happy customer
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Went in to Hendrick Toyota because my last vehicle that I purchased from them was totaled when someone ran a red-light and tboned me. I really didn't want to have to purchase a car and some close friends were telling me to go with CarMax, I got pre-approved and they had pretty much exactly what I was looking for at CarMax. That being said I went by Hendrick due to my last transaction there and was met and shown around by Francisco A. I probably wasn't in the best mood but he took it in stride and was able to find me a car in the same ballpark as I found at CarMax. I was also assisted by the helpful and good-humored Lydia T., eventually I was left to the financing department who managed to work with me on service plans and kept their pricing fair and competitive. Nobody looks forward to having to buy a car, but as someone who has purchased from them twice, I can safely say that I would return if had to buy another car. Hats off to them for showing loyalty to returning customers.
Aug 8 2018
Reviewed by Matt Murphy
Brandon Holsburg!!!
Just wanted to give a shoutout to Brandon Holsburg in service, this guy is always there when I need him! Outstanding customer service ! I left Brandon a voicemail at 11 pm because of car trouble and he promptly returned my call as soon he got to his office the next morning thus assuring he would take care of whatever I needed. Give this guy a raise !
Jul 21 2018
Reviewed by Stephen Stewart
Great Salesman
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I wasn't completely committed to buying a new Camry when I walked into Hendrick Toyota, but after an initial talk with Lydie in the Venicle Exchange Program, it felt like this dealership would work with me. I decided to trade both my old Camry and a Corvette and Lyle Turnbull was great to work with. He was personable, knowledgeable and professional, taking time to answer my questions and letting me take the test drives I wanted. When it came time to negotiate purchase price and trade allowances, the general manager was open to discussion. We settled on numbers that worked for both of us, and I came away with a brand new 2018 Camry XSE that I'm really enjoying. I highly recommend Hendrick Toyota in general, and Kyle Turnbull specifically if you are looking for your next new Toyota.
Apr 13 2018
Reviewed by Linda Moser-DuCote

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We came to Hedrick Toyota wanting to purchase a Toyota Corolla. Not only did we end up purchasing a 2018 Toyota Corolla, we also ending up trading in our current van and purchasing a 2018 Toyota Sienna. They gave us a trade in our van that we could not even have dreamed of getting anywhere else!! We started with a very high interest rate on our van due to credit issues a and they got us in a new van at a good APR, something I didn't think was ever possible. We had Adam as our sales person and he was amazing! He was very friendly, out going, helpful and informative. I would recommend him and this dealership to anyone. Their customer service, deals on vechiles and over all experience is EXCELLENT!!!
Feb 24 2018
Reviewed by Tonya and Jorge
New truck purchase
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I very recently purchased a new Tacoma from Henrick Auto. I love the truck. From the start these guys took great care of me. They gave me a very reasonable offer on the trade-in of my '05 Tacoma. They took the time for me to look at every Tacoma on the lot. They didn't pressure me at all during the process. Each person there treated me like we are friends. I did have a few concerns during the process, but they were very patient and polite in getting these ironed out to my satisfaction. I highly recommend a stop at Hendrick if you are shopping for a new truck (or car). The Hendrick staff are straight shooters and will help you make an informed buying decision, not only on the truck or car you want but with financing and additional options and service plans. I have no doubt that as I need to take the truck in for service that I will be welcomed and well taken care of at Hendrick Auto.
Nov 4 2017
Reviewed by Darrell Whitebread

We have recently purchased a HYlander. We needed some help & guidance using the new phone system. We requested some time and were delighted to have Chris Albrecht help us. He was simply fantastic! Clear & concise and very helpful indeed. Polite and answered all of our questions and concerns. A real asset to your company!
Sep 12 2017
Reviewed by Martha & Jim Anderson
10 stars ?
I gotta tell you.. these guys ROCK! Yeah sure I always pay a little more to have my car serviced at the dealership but you know what? That means it's going to be done right the first time. CHRIS ALBRECHT and BRANDON HOLSBURG were absolutely accommodating to my needs and both went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed . Brandon gave me his utmost empathy regarding my situation and even threw on a discount for me . Sadly after dropping my car off, no rentals were available for me to utilize while my car was being repaired... I got shuttled home by the courtesy shuttle and an hour later CHRIS to the rescue, he found a car for me and set me right up. All in all my experiences at this toyota are always delightful and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to make sure I'm happy and satisfied . Fantastic job Hendrick Toyota.
Sep 2 2017
Reviewed by Stephen Stewart