Meet Our Purchasing Team:
  • All Purchasing Team members are certified and go through and extensive training program
  • Hendrick has placed dedicated Purchasing teams at the Hendrick Cars locations to better serve you
  • Experience combined with access to the Hendrick information database guarantees an accurate offer to buy your vehicle today
The Appraisal Process & What You Can Expect From Us:

Our Purchasing Team will take your vehicle through an extensive appraisal process that examines the following:

  • Exterior of the vehicle
  • Interior of the vehicle
  • Drive your vehicle on a short 1 mile test drive to test your engine, transmission, and 4x4 systems
  • Inspect for any evidence of Flood, Salvage, and/or Frame Damage
  • Review the CarFax report for a better understanding of your vehicle's history

This process allows for a more accurate valuation of your vehicle in less than 30 minutes.

Our Purchasing Team will then conduct research based on our available data resources to provide you with the Hendrick offer to buy your vehicle.

Our offer to purchase is valid for seven(7) days and comes with a complimentary CarFax vehicle history report.

How We Determined Your Vehicle's Hendrick Appraised Value:
  • Our offer is based on comparable vehicles, using today's market conditions.
  • Current supply and demand of your vehicle year, make, model, and option packages
  • Mileage and overall condition of your vehicle's exterior and interior.
  • Customizations such as aftermarket parts or accessories installed on your vehicle
  • Any issues that may cause title branding such as theft, frame, salvage, or flood damage
  • We also look at nationwide wholesale auction resulves and sales history


Why should I sell my car to Hendrick Cars?

Hendrick Cars Sell Us Your Car, is a national car-buying service that's dedicated to helping you sell your car. We're revolutionizing the way people sell their used vehicles by offering a quick and easy alternative to going through a dealer or private buyer.

What kind of cars do you buy?

We buy any used vehicle regardless of its age or condition. That includes luxury cars, sports cars, work trucks and SUVs. Hendrick Cars provides quotes on totaled cars from insurance payoffs, cars with an outstanding loan and we'll even give you cash for junk cars!

How do you determine how much my car is worth?

Our purchasing team is staffed with well-trained industry professionals who have the knowledge and experience to determine the appropriate price by performing a detailed inspection along with using current market data to determine the value of your car in today's market.

Is your offer the same as the Kelley Blue Book price?

In any situation our offer could be more or less than the Kelley Blue Book value. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) provides a range of "suggested values" for used vehicles, but they aren't in the business of buying used cars-Hendrick Cars is. This means process and result is different. Ours takes into account a number of variables, including marketplace demand. The number we give you is the dollar amount you will see written on your check.

What's the difference between "up to offers" and "guaranteed purchase offer"?

An "up to offer" is a starting point and the maximum Hendrick Cars is prepared to pay for your vehicle based off various online resources, and is just an estimate. After we take you through our process, and physically evaluate your vehicle, we'll have the information we need to provide the "guaranteed purchase offer," that's the dollar amount you'll see written on your check.

What if I owe money on my car?

If you still owe money on your car and your lender has your vehicle's title, simply provide us with a payoff letter. Hendrick Cars will work with your lender to obtain the title to your vehicle. If we buy your car for more than you owe, we'll pay you the difference at the time of purchase.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Yes. Hendrick Cars has simplified the process of selling a car on someone else's behalf. No matter what the situation, rest assured, we have the resources to help you sell any vehicle quickly. Just keep in mind that we'll need all the appropriate documentation and that payment is made to the person named on the vehicle's title.

Can I sell a car owned by my company?

Hendrick Cars has a lot of experience working with companies of all sizes-we're even prepared to purchase whole fleets of used vehicles. Simply provide us with the appropriate documentation authorizing you to sell the car(s) on your company's behalf and we'll finalize the transaction.

What if my car isn't running?

We buy cars in any condition-even if your vehicle isn't operational.

What if I don't have the title to the car I'm selling?

If you still owe money on your car and your lender has the title, simply provide us a payoff letter. Hendrick Cars will work with you and your lender to obtain the title to your vehicle. If you've lost the title, contact your local DMV to obtain a duplicate. A title is required to sell your vehicle to Hendrick Cars.

What documentation do I need to sell my car?

When you sell your car to Hendrick Cars, you'll need the vehicle title or payoff information, the driver's license of the person named on the title and, of course, your car and keys.

Who is the person that appraises my car?

The qualified Hendrick Cars representative who appraises your car will be one of the members of our purchasing team. He/she is trained to evaluate and confirm that the vehicle is as the seller described and will fully evaluate the mechanical and structural conditions of your vehicle as well. Our buyers are fully capable of answering any questions you may have about the process or the quote. Just ask your sales contact at the store to introduce you to the team.

How will you pay me?

When you sell your car to Hendrick Cars you'll be paid immediately with a corporate check.

How many cars do you buy?

We receive thousands of inquiries and make hundreds of purchases each week across the country.

Can I get my car appraised online?

We do not give guaranteed appraisal values online. We will provide you with some common online resources to visit before brining your vehicle to one of our Hendrick Cars locations to conduct some preliminary research. Since online resources are just estimates it is necessary for us to physically inspect your vehicle to provide you with the Hedrick written offer to purchase your vehicle.

Why is the Hendrick offer to purchase different from your retail prices?

Our offer will be different from our retail prices for many reasons. Due to the costs associated with reconditioning, marketing, and providing warranties for our vehicles we must purchase vehicles for less than we feel we can retail the vehicle for.

What makes the Hendrick offer different from other Dealership offers to purchase your vehicle?

Unlike many dealer offers, the Hendrick Cars locations will write you a check that you can deposit that day not a bank draft that can be held by your bank up to 30 days.

Hendrick Cars will purchase your vehicle from you and you are under no obligation to purchase one from us.

Do I need an appointment?

No. Feel free to stop by the closest Hendrick Cars location, and one of our product specialists would be happy to assist you. You can also feel free to start the appraisal process by completing the information on the value your vehicle link.

Will making aftermarket modifications to my vehicle impact the value?

Supply and demand ultimately determines the value of a vehicle in the marketplace. Aftermarket modifications can positively impact the Hendrick offer to buy your vehicle as it helps set your vehicle apart from the rest. Also aftermarket modifications can potentially void the factory warranty and in this situation they would negatively impact the Hendrick offer.

Isn't this too good to be true? Where's the catch?

There is no catch. We buy used cars. That's it. Our promise is to provide customers with a stress-free, guaranteed selling solution-eliminating the uncertainty and hassle of selling your car to a dealer or private party. But don't take it from us, read what some of our customers have to say.